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Company Profile

Generex Laboratories LLC was founded by Robert Riess in 2007 in Naples, FL Riess has 30 years of experience working with industry experts including doctors, scientists and laboratories to help formulate and market condition specific nutraceuticals.

Riess’s proven success as a leading entrepreneur and authority on natural products marketing is coupled with his ability to surround himself with a dedicated team of hard working professionals. Riess’s companies include one of the largest direct response marketing companies in America that markets a wide spectrum of products throughout the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain and coming soon, Russia.

Riess also has a TV production company in Boston, MA that produces short and long form TV commercials and produces flash video for websites.

Recently, a web and internet company was established in Santa Monica CA to help companies establish a website presence together with a internet marketing solution that supplements more traditional forms of advertising

Riess is recognized by his peers as the authority on consumer trends and buying in the supplement industry. The firm’s competitive strengths stem from a team that boasts over 50 years combined experience in custom formulations and proprietary marketing solutions

Generex Laboratories was a natural progression to vertical integration for Riess. Generex provides full service manufacturing coupled with a proven marketing and advertising support to nutraceutical companies all over the world.

The mission of Generex Labs is to provide safe, effective and high quality natural products at a competitive price enhanced by marketing support and access to educated doctors in the alternative health industry.

By offering the customer specialized enhanced services, that no other manufacturer in the industry has offered to date, our customers will truly benefit from this competitive edge.